100% no lie

i just spent a million dollars on blackhawks home tickets

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Filip Forsberg


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this or that? anonymous asked: rob dyrdek or p rod?

"Paul Rodriguez I don’t have money to buy all your signature stuff but believe me I’m your biggest fan"
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NHL 2014-15 Preview Series (1 of ?)

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life hack: don’t be so fuckin negative all the time cause it makes everyone around u feel like shit :-)

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Ryan Ellis

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Shea Weber

love u p rod

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fck i did it again wtf

What does your Mexican American heritage mean to you?

It’s my roots. It’s where I come from; it’s my genetics, my DNA, my body, my build. All from my heritage. My ancestors all before me contributed to the blessings I’m living now. It’s where you come from. You can never be ignorant to where you come from because they’re responsible for what you are now.

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