100% no lie

authoranna it doesn’t even taste that much like fish, and my aunt made them!

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authoranna graavilohi is like salty salmon and it’s really good and pannukakku is oven pancakes :-)

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I found out yesterday that not many people like graavilohi

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u can now hunt deer in the city

do u ever just smile a lil when u think about how great rich clune is

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Faceoff: Corey Crawford

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i want this framed

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i got my brother a job at my work and i have to train him next week

this is going to be fun


phone wallpapers - Pekka Rinne

for lacking—eddie

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hockey meme

↳ 5 teams: minnesota wild [3/5]

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ppl whose fav player is from tbay say “take me to thunder bay with u”

and i laugh bc they think it’s a nice lakeside town but you’ll probably die here

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